Tepat di Hari Keluarga Nasional, 29 Mei 2016, GLITZMEDIA.CO mengajak Anda menikmati 8 film inspiratif yang menceritakan tentang kehidupan dan moral dalam keluarga. Menyaksikan cerita yang dikolaborasikan dengan konflik, hubungan, cara pandang, dan sikap yang terjadi di film tersebut membuat Anda merasakan kembali pentingnya kehadiran keluarga. Family is not an important thing. It’s everything...

Big Fish (2003)

Pemain: Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney, Billy Crudup, Jessica Lange

“This movie is about lots of things, but the part that relates to family has to do with growing up to see parents as people, and how to reconcile the mythic characters of childhood with the mortals they really are.” - Muffin Pancake

Lymelife (2008)

Pemain: Rory Culkin, Alec Baldwin, Jill Hennessy, Emma Roberts

"This is an extremely high caliber movie. The performances are superb by each and every cast member and by the ensemble as a whole. It is not just about the 70's but about basic human relationships and characters and truths. The director and cast should all be proud of this fine accomplishment. I urge everyone who loves movies to see this one." - Lizzlebet 

Mars (2016)

Pemain: Kinaryosih, Acha septriasa, Chelsea, Jajang C. Noor

"Dalam film ini bukan hanya (menceritakan) meraih mimpi, tapi pesan yang harus dibawa kemana-mana adalah mari lampaui mimpi. Saya menganjurkan kepada orangtua, kepala sekolah, guru. Yuk, nonton film ini dan ajari anak-anak punya mimpi tinggi. Mimpi itu gratis, tapi kerja kerasnya harus kita lakukan." - Anies Baswedan

The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

Pemain: Gene Hackman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anjelica Huston, Ben Stiller

"The Royal Tenenbaums could very well be considered the First Family of Fright for the new millennium. It is a terrific film that is easily recommended for those who enjoy quirky, offbeat yet intellectual humor, or for those simply in need of a good laugh...heck, it's great viewing for any warm-blooded human being, for that matter." - Glacier 

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945)

Pemain: Dorothy McGuire, Joan Blondell, James Dunn 

“A smart young girl with a stubborn younger brother and an alcoholic father growing up in Brooklyn. It's sort of a coming-of-age movie as well, but focuses on the growing up as a member of your family more than as an individual.”Muffin Pancake

What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)

Pemain: Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Juliette Lewis

"What's Eating Gilbert Grape" is a heartfelt story about life in a small American town, with all its kindness, big hearts, and familial love, despite the hardships. The film is worth a serious look, for its thematic depth, for its acting, and for its attention to detail in sets and production design." -  Lechuguilla 

Le Grand Voyage / The Great Journey (2004)

Pemain: Nicolas Cazalé, Mohamed Majd, Jacky Nercessian

"Le Grand Voyage is a gentle miracle of a film, a work made more profound because of its understated script by writer/director Ismaël Ferroukhi who allows the natural scenery of this 'road trip' story and the sophisticated acting of the stars to carry the emotional impact of the film." - Gradyharp

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

Pemain: Will Smith, Thandie Newton, Jaden Smith

"They just don't make many this good. The audience and I cried, laughed, cheered and applauded. The climactic scene is as powerful and cathartic as The Shawshank Redemption's golden moment. Will Smith is terrific, his son Jaden is just perfect, and Thandie Newton puts in a convincing supporting act. The movie's 1980s San Francisco is absorbing and authentic without stealing the show." - Neil Carlson

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